If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (215) 877-2113

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Cleans Up After Residential Fire

SERVPRO is always willing to help a resident out when it comes to fire damage. The second you call us we will send out a team of fire damage restoration experts... READ MORE

SERVPRO Boards up After Commercial

After a cigarette butt lit brand new mulch on fire. It quickly spread to a nearby bush and then to the wall of the building. Firefighters responded fast and put... READ MORE

SERVPRO Does Board Ups

Did you know that here at SERVPRO can help secure your property after windows or doors are damaged or removed. We can do this by boarding up the open entryways ... READ MORE

Before and After Water Damaged Waiting Room

A local medical building took on some water damage in their waiting room and one cubicle. We responded ASAP and made sure the surrounding offices weren't affect... READ MORE

Stormy Weather Causes Ceiling Collapse

SERVPRO took care of a water loss a few weeks ago when a heavy rainstorm softened the roof and water was everywhere on the 6th floor. The water continued to see... READ MORE

Soot Removal

After a fire, there can be damages left behind that you wouldn't expect. Soot can build up inside your home or business when there is a fire, even if it isn't i... READ MORE

Soot Webs Form During House Fires

When a fire happens inside of a home or usually a smaller open space, soot webs occur when the smoke from the fire is lingering in the air for a long period of ... READ MORE

Residential Fire Loss

You never know when you could have a fire in your home. It could start from a spark of an outlet, flammable items too close to the stove, faulty lighting, etc. ... READ MORE

Sprinklers Lines Flood Commercial Building

After a sprinkler test goes bad, thousands of gallons of water are released into this commercial facility in our backyard. We responded immediately with all han... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Makes a Mess in Classroom

In January, an emergency happened at a small school when a pipe broke due to cold weather and improper insulation of the building. SERVPRO entered the premises ... READ MORE

Greasy Rug on Tugboat

Displayed here is a before and after photo of a rug, we cleaned. This cleaning took place on a tugboat docked locally. The customer needed the job to be done wi... READ MORE

Heavy Rain Causes Leaky Roof

At a moment's notice, you could experience an emergency and you can never predict when things like these will happen. As a property owner, you should always be ... READ MORE

Rainy Weather Causes Leak In Basement

When it rains for an extended period of time, water can seep through the more saturated ground and into basements. Heavy rains can also leak through roofs that ... READ MORE

Post-Flood Floor Clean

After a recent heavy rain, this building had water damage. Although they extracted the water themselves, the area was still not back to normal. The floor and lo... READ MORE

Pipe Cap Breaks Over Cubicle

At a local office building, a sewer pipe end cap broke resulting in a large mess. SERVPRO responded quickly within the first hour of the losses occurrence. The ... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow Damage

At a residential job this week, a toilet overflowed and the water flowed down into the kitchen. It sounds like a huge disaster, and it was, but SERVPRO was able... READ MORE

Wet Basement Before and After

SERVPRO was called into a home where rainwater had intruded into the basement. There were a few inches of water and SERVPRO was able to come in and extract all ... READ MORE

Wet Drywall Must Be Removed

Whenever surfaces get wet and hold moisture for a longer period of time, they can start to form mold or a bad odor. To prevent this from happening SERVPRO is hi... READ MORE

Basement Damaged By Toilet Overflow

It is very important to not flush things like baby, wipes, paper towels, trash, etc. because it can cause clogs which result in back up. This may not happen ri... READ MORE

Sink Overflow Causes Ceiling Collapse

SERVPRO of University City responded to a call of a ceiling collapse. The sink was left on and ended up overflowing. The water softened up the structure and the... READ MORE