Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Floor Dryers vs. Dried Floor

In the before picture we had just set out the floor dryers and they had been operating for just a day. The floor and subfloor were still damp but after about a ... READ MORE

Apartment Building Lobby

Pictured here is a before and after shot of the 5 story apartment building. Everything is dry and now the rebuild process will occur in all affected areas. In t... READ MORE

Wet Basement Before and After

SERVPRO was called into a home where rainwater had intruded into the basement. There were a few inches of water and SERVPRO was able to come in and extract all ... READ MORE

Toilet Overflow Damage

At a residential job this week, a toilet overflowed and the water flowed down into the kitchen. It sounds like a huge disaster, and it was, but SERVPRO was able... READ MORE

Pipe Cap Breaks Over Cubicle

At a local office building, a sewer pipe end cap broke resulting in a large mess. SERVPRO responded quickly within the first hour of the losses occurrence. The ... READ MORE

Before and After Water Damaged Waiting Room

A local medical building took on some water damage in their waiting room and one cubicle. We responded ASAP and made sure the surrounding offices weren't affect... READ MORE